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Private Practice

We provide the opportunity to heal the trauma of the past and to live free from its bondage.


"Dear Winifred,

I simply cannot thank you enough.

I love my little brother, and I think you may have saved his life this week.

When he walked out of your office Tuesday, he came up to the car, looked me in the eye with amazement, and said, "I loved her. She told me I don't have to feel like this. I'm going to rehab." (He was braced for a lecture. Instead he got support and understanding.)

I can't begin — cannot remotely begin — to express how I felt at that moment. I will always be grateful to you.

— (patient's sister)"

Addiction is not a failure of will power. It is a disease, one that renders its sufferers incapable of making healthy choices. Addiction is not an excuse, but rather an explanation. Addiction to mood altering substances and behaviors can destroy the lives of those who suffer as well as those who love them. Addictions are coping mechanisms and usually symptoms of a greater struggle. Much of this struggle is with the pain of a lifetime of emotional turmoil.

Who We Treat

Adults suffering from the ravages of addictions, codependency and childhood abuse.

Parents of adolescent, young adult or adult alcoholics and addicts.

Couples who want to repair or revitalize struggling marital relationships.

Families who have been damaged by addictions.

Young women aged 17 to 30 who are self-pay will be treated on a sliding scale basis.


While working to address addictions and co-dependency, we strive to uncover and heal the underlying trauma, both past and present, that fuel these problems.

Childhood trauma from many forms of abuse and neglect promote self-destructive behaviors and relationship skills that are carried over into adulthood. As we treat these counterproductive life strategies, liberation from a lifetime of pain and broken relationships is possible.


For her 20-year unique contribution to the field of addiction treatment, Winifred received the very first Caron Foundation Chairman Emeritus Award from Chairman Emeritus John Duffy Esq. on June 6, 2014.


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